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SDS Insight provides investigative, analytic and advisory services to corporations, law firms, foundations and US government contractors. Our firm, based in Washington, provides critical information to clients on a wide range of topics, drawing on skills our team acquired in years of top-flight investigative reporting. 

Our firm helps some clients identify and assemble revelatory information that can give them an edge in business or legal proceedings. We provide deep research for others on events that affect government policy, national security and the marketplace. We get clients answers they would have difficulty getting themselves. 

For this work, we bring to bear the interviewing skills and know-how of some of the nation’s foremost former newspaper reporters, including former correspondents for the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. We draw on the ingenuity of highly experienced database researchers who honed their skills at the New York Times and top business publications. 

SDS Insight is owned and run by former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal reporter Susan Schmidt. Ms. Schmidt is well versed in Washington politics and governmental affairs. She has twice won Pulitzer Prizes--in 2006 for the expose of Jack Abramoff’s corrupt lobbying machine, and, in 2002 with Bob Woodward and five other Washington Post reporters for post-9/11 reporting on terrorism.

In more than two decades of reporting, Ms. Schmidt’s reputation for deep and careful work won her wide access within Washington’s infrastructure–its politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, regulators, as well as intelligence and law enforcement figures. She left newspapers to create her own firm in 2009, and retains a wide circle of contacts in the media.

Ms. Schmidt was featured in Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney’s 2010 documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money. She is co-author, with former Time magazine writer Michael Weisskopf, of the 2000 New York Times best selling book Truth at Any Cost, a behind the scenes account of the legal battle between independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and the Clinton White House. 

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